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Best Stranger Chat App For India In 2021



Best Stranger Chat App For India

Friends, in this article, I am going to share with you the 5 best stranger chat app for India. All these apps have been presented to you after much research. So that you can get a good app and save your time.
This app is very good for Indian users. Using which you can talk to any boy or girl in India without identification and make a good friend. All the below-mentioned apps are available absolutely free on Play Store and all these apps are also safe so that there is no risk to your privacy. So let’s start.

1. FREE Stranger Chat, Talk to Strangers: Blindmatch

Best Stranger Chat App For India

Blindmatch is a Stranger chat app with the help of which you can chat with any person.
In this app, you can talk to random people through text chat as well as you can talk through audio and video.
Apart from this, you can make any human being your friend.
The Blindmatch app has a match of more than 50000 people a week. From which you can choose a perfect couple and make your friendship beautiful.
In this app, you can talk to people without logging in.
You can download this app from the play store or from the link given below.

App Size15MB
Play Store Ratings4.4

2. Random Chat – Stranger Chat, Kwee

Best Stranger Chat App For India

With the help of this app, you can chat with any person in the world, but if you are Indian, then it is one of the best Stranger chat apps for you because most Indian people use this app.
In this app also you do not need to sign in or log in. This app keeps you anonymous so that you can enjoy chatting with strangers.
Disconnecting after a random chat in this app removes all chats so that your privacy remains.
If you want to talk to Indian boys or girls, then you must try this app.

App Size10MB
Play Store Ratings4.3

3. FRND – Play Raja Rani Chor Police on Voice Chat

Best Stranger Chat App For India

In the FRND app, you can play games as well as chatting. In this app, the Raja Rani Chor Police game has been given which you can play with any unknown and make your friend by talking good things.
To use this app you must create a profile.
It also has the option to hide the identity of the girls.
We can not call this app completely Stranger Chat app, but in this app, you can definitely make someone a good friend while playing the game as well.
It is specially designed for Indians only.

App Size17MB
Play Store Ratings4.3

4. Indian Messenger – Indian Chat App & Social network

Best Stranger Chat App For India

Indian Messenger app is a social media app that has many features to chat with people, with the help of this app you can do text chat, voice chat, video chat with your friends, relatives, etc. as well as you can find unknown people Can also chat with

To chat with unknown people, this app has the option to hide your profile and set a password on the chat so that your security is safe.
In this app, you can create a group and talk to a lot of people at once.
This app is the best Stranger chat app for Indians.

App Size25MB
Play Store Ratings4.2

5. ShareChat

Best Stranger Chat App For India

ShareChat is an Indian social media app with many features.
In this app, you can chat with any unknown person, for this, you will have to shake your phone, after which the messages of unknown people will start coming in front of you. If you like a person, you can show him your profile and make a friend.
In this app, you can use text chat and voice chat.
This app is being used the most for chatting with unknown people.

App Size32MB
Play Store Ratings4.3

Friends all the above stranger app is good enough for Indian people using which you can chat with any boy or girl and make your boring life interesting. All these apps are quite safe, you can talk to anyone without logging in or showing your profile in these apps.
Please tell us how you liked the above 5 stranger chat app for India by commenting, as well as share it with your friends.

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