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6 Best ▷ Short Video Apps In India For android Users (2021)



Best Short Video Apps In India

Friends, in this part of today’s race, every person wants to give some time to entertainment so that they can reduce the stress of their life, but people do not have enough time to always watch movies for entertainment and Watch comedy videos, that’s why the craze of Shorts videos has been increasing since the past few years so that people can entertain anywhere and anytime in a short period of time. Short video apps are proving to be very effective for those who have their own skills and want to show people.

Best Short Video Android Apps

Today, there are many short video apps in India, due to which we have to face a lot of problems in finding good apps.
Friends, if you are in search of the best short video app, then you have come to the right place because in this article today we are going to share with you the 5 best shorts video apps in India. All these short video apps have their own different features, that is why we have reviewed all the apps and also highlighted its main features so that you can save your time and find good shorts video apps. So let’s start reading.

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is a shorts video feature of Instagram in which you can watch 30-second video. You can record and edit 30-second multi-clip videos with audio effects, and new creative tools.
Instagram reels are very easy to use, you can share your videos with your friends, and if your account is public then anyone can watch your video. This app is great for expressing your talent among people. You can do a lot of activities in less than a minute. By which people can be crazy about you.

Main Feature

  • Background music
  • Face filter and effect
  • Explore millions of videos
  • Watch & share any Instagram Reels video with your friends

Youtube Shorts

YouTube is a long-duration video sharing and watching platform, but a few months ago YouTube also added a shorts video feature called YouTube Shots. You can upload videos of less than 1 minute in YouTube shorts, and watch.
YouTube has a copyright policy so that we cannot add music to others’ videos, but you can use any music in YouTube Shots without copyright.

YouTube Shots is very easy to use, you can use it in the YouTube app itself, YouTube Shots also have the option of Like Comment Share Subscription.


Josh is a Made in India short video app. This app has been launched by Dailyhunt.
Like Instagram reels and YouTube shots, it also has a lot of features, so you can make your videos cool and stylish.

This app has many features for making videos such as a beauty camera with real-time selfies, special effects striker, makeup camera emoji, etc.
You can also create a duet video with your favorite celebrity.

Main Feature

  • Duet Videos.
  • Shoot Amazing Videos Easily.
  • Music Playlist.
  • Celebrity Influencers.

The app has so far been downloaded by the Play Store by over 50 million people, with a rating of 4.2. You can download this 30 MB app from the Play Store for free and enjoy shorts videos.


Moj is also a Made in India short video app created by sharechat. Moj has more than 7 million Talented Artists and Creates, in this app, you can watch videos according to your mood and interest, there are many categories related to Dance, Comedy, Vlog, Sports Animals.

In this app you can search and watch your favorite video and share it with your friend and family in one click, making videos in Moj is very easy.
There are many effects, stickers, magic filters, music, high-quality video recording available to create videos in Moj with the help of which you can make your video interesting and attractive.

Main Feature

  • More than 7 million talented artists and creators now on Moj.
  • Watch millions of videos selected specifically for your interest.
  • Moj has features like – edit videos, full features camera filters and editing, and much more.
  • Moj app is a Made In India app for Indian users.

Moj has so far been downloaded by the Play Store by over 100 million people and has a rating of 4.3. You can download this app of 58 MB absolutely free from the Play Store and enjoy streaming shots video.

MX Takatak

Like Josh and Moj, Mx takatak is an Indian app. Which is created by the MX player. It is also a very good app to watch and create short videos.

Mx takatak has more than 15 million creators.

There are also many features in this app to create videos such as strikers, beauty effect special effect, 10k status, etc.

While creating videos in this app you can use beauty effects, lots of filters, and cute emotional striker and make your video stylish.
In Mx takatak, you can make videos in many categories like beauty, dance, lip-sync, singing, track, jokes, tricks, challenge, cooking, comedy, Bollywood, fashion, style, etc.

10 languages ​​are available on MX takatak such as Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Canada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, English, and More

Main Feature

  • Choose beauty effects during shooting a video.
  • Add stickers, and cute emoticons.
  • Several filters to suit the settings.
  • Save and share status – Up to 10,000 status videos available for you to pick.

MX takatak has been downloaded by the Play Store so far by over 100 million people and has a rating of 4.1 This 52 MB app can be downloaded for free from the Play Store.


Like above apps, Snapchat is also a short video app. This app is famous all over the world. This app also has a lot of filters and stickers for creating videos.

Apart from video, Snapchat has many other features such as chat, stories, snap map, friendship profile, etc.

Snapchat has so far been downloaded by the play store by over one billion people and rated 4.3. You can download and use this 57 MB app from the Play Store for absolutely free.

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